Al Samuels Responds to RC Legislature re: Holtec

To the Editor,

This past week, some members of the Rockland County Legislature wrote a letter to a federal regulator in Washington opposing the sale of Indian Point from its current owner, Entergy, to a company, Holtec, that specializes in the dismantling of nuclear power plants. The legislators (none of whom, to the best of my knowledge, have bothered to attend any of the many public meetings regarding Indian Point’s decommissioning) argue that they want a proper cleanup to ensure the good health of future generations. That’s a goal we should all share.

However, their approach will accomplish the exact opposite of what they state. You see, Entergy is allowed up to 60 years to decommission Indian Point. The company is in the business of running nuclear power plants not dismantling them and, in fact, they have never decommissioned a plant. Enter Holtec International, with decades of experience in this highly-specialized field, they’re capable of decommissioning Indian Point in 12 to 15 years. That means the Indian Point site can be restored for new uses by the 2030s instead of the 2080s.

The choice our community faces is a fully restored industrial site that can support future economic development OR a site that produces no energy, no jobs, and no tax revenues for the next 60 years. Ensuring that the decommissioning is done safely and efficiently is important to everyone. The legislators and other opponents would better serve their constituents by focusing on how to improve Holtec’s plans rather than summarily opposing it.


Al Samuels
Rockland Business Association and Advisory Board Member, NYAREA

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