Reader dislikes Carlucci’s “self-promotional mailings”

To The Editor,

Once again, David Carlucci is using OUR tax dollars to send out meaningless self-promotional mailings in the midst of a heated congressional race. Does he really think that a large glossy postcard saying “Senator Carlucci and his entire team are here to serve you” is what constituents need right now? Why is the State Senate not in session right now? If kindergarteners can work remotely, then so can our State Senators. Why isn’t he working to pass universal health care, rent relief, and funding for our public schools? I do not want my tax dollars going towards yet another giant postcard that says his name TWELVE times.

The truth of the matter is that Mr. Carlucci is hoping to win a Congressional seat based on name recognition alone. He is hoping that we remember his name, but forget his legislative record. Mr. Carlucci spent nearly 8 years as a member of the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC), working with Republicans to block important Democratic bills including the Reproductive Health Act, the Dream Act, and a monitor with veto power over the East Ramapo School Board. Now he wants to revise history and claim credit for these very same bills that he helped to block.

Constituents are sick of his revisionist history and his shameless self-promotion. There are several great candidates running for Congress in the June 23rd Democratic primary. Turncoat Carlucci is NOT one of them. No matter how much public money he spends on postcards with his name, he will never get my vote.


Ivanya L. Alpert

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