Love (and Life) in the time of Corona Watch List from the Isolation Tank

By Ella Steinbeck

I’ve been collecting TV shows for several years. I used to watch a lot of the ID Channel and murder shows. I’ve since upgraded. No offense to ID Channel. They still know how to suck me in. Since I’m a professional home-dweller, I’d like to think I know a little bit about the best things to watch when you are home. In fact, I always tell my friends that they should always run a movie or a TV show by me first before watching it. I’ve probably seen it and can tell them whether it’s worthwhile or not.

This Week: Comedy

Crashing on HBO is actually a lot of fun. I figured I wouldn’t like it but I thought I should check it out anyway. I’ve had several comedy-friends on the show and wanted to be familiar with their projects. Surprise! I really loved it. Pete Holmes is incredibly likable. It’s funny. It’s also very sweet. A little crass, but I’m sure you were expecting that.

Now, if you want to see the funniest show ever created, besides Seinfeld, which is still great and totally binge worthy no matter what decade you’re in, it’s Episodes on Showtime. A British couple moves to Los Angeles with the promise of producing their poignant and acclaimed TV show about a boy’s boarding school for the American market. Matt LeBlanc plays a main character in Episodes. He is phenomenal in this! No show has ever been written for him in a way that makes you think that Matt Leblanc is an amazing actor. I’m telling you, he’s amazing in this! This is the role that was made for him. It makes you appreciate the guy in so many ways that has nothing to do with the TV show Friends or any subsequent comedies he’s done thereafter. I don’t want to tell you anything else because I don’t want to ruin any laughs. All of the actors are wonderful. The writing and plot line is hysterical. It doesn’t get better than this.

I’m a big Maria Bamford fan. If you liked Arrested Development (which I love and highly recommend if you have not seen it), then I think you’d like Maria’s show, Lady Dynamite on Netflix. Arrested Development is definitely on my list of top five comedies to watch in a lifetime. In that same vein, Lady Dynamite is very, very funny. Some of it is hit or miss but don’t let that stop you. Keep an open mind! If you enjoy quirky-silly-clever- interesting turns and laughing… then this might be for you. If you’ve never watched any of Maria Bamford’s standup comedy, I highly recommend Googling that up right now. If you ever get to see her live do not think twice!

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