Revive 2.0 brings CBD right to your door


Heath Morrison is new to the CBD business. His Texas based startup, Revive2.0, has only been around for three months, but you wouldn’t be able to tell judging by the potency and variety of the products they have available for delivery.

From edibles to eye creams Revive2.0 has something for anyone looking to experience the positive health impacts of CBD use. Revive2.0 began when Heath and his associates first became interested in how CBD could improve their own health issues.

“We wanted to try something new,” explained Heath, whose partner had been growing corn for close to 50 years.

The experienced farmers were soon able to raise a healthy hemp crop and were amazed at how successful the CBD extract was at helping them with aliments such as joint inflammation and insomnia. Because they are able to grow the product themselves Revive2.0’s owners can provide CBD oil and a huge variety of products made with the extract for up to 50 percent less than most other suppliers.

“There is no middleman,” Heath said, “and by 2021 we will be fully vertically integrated and able to lower prices even further.”

Revive2.0 is in the planning process of building a manufacturing center which will allow them to maintain direct quality control over their products, a rarity among CBD sellers. Right now the company offers CBD drops that range in potency from 500-3000 MG.

They sell both full spectrum oil, which contains small amounts of THC, and broad spectrum oil, which contains none. While neither oil has psychoactive effects, their products are able to reduce the pain of arthritis, lower inflammation, and help with body and headaches.

Their bath bombs, gummies, and topicals all offer unique and effective methods of reducing stress and allowing the body recover from physical and mental traumas. Revive2.0 is the perfect choice for anyone inserted in exploring the benefits of CBD without even having to leave their home.

“CBD products can be very beneficial,” guarantees Heath. “All you have to do is give it a try.”

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