William Vandunk of Suffern was driving in Haverstraw on July 20 when he noticed a commotion at a car. He quickly exited his vehicle and discovered a man with no pulse. Vandunk then began providing the man CPR and was able to get him breathing again before he was transferred to Nyack Hospital.

Vandunk said, “Never ever did I think that being CPR certified did I think I would have to use it. Well just driving through haverstraw seen a man trying help another man in a car that had no pulse which scared the Jesus out of me. I went to work on the guy brought him back to a pulse and breathing again by applying chest compressions. Come to learn the guy had diabetes and other issues. I will not take the glory for this but God you get all the glory as this man is headed to Nyack hospital. I will not lie all the guys that started clapping for me made feel good in my soul as I walked away. Thank you lord God for helping me to help some one else. I pray he is okay but this heat can be ugly so stay safe and be careful.”

“Great work by one of my longtime friends who I met while walking a foot post with Spring Valley PD many moons ago,” Suffern Police Department Chief Clarke Osborn said.

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