On Point: Rockland Times Readers Forecast Cuomo’s Resignation in Recent Poll

As the governor faced immense pressure to resign in light of his recent controversies, 97 percent of our poll participants called on Cuomo to step down. He did just that Tuesday afternoon. 

With the recent resignation of the governor’s top aide, Melissa DeRosa, and reports of at least two additional accusers coming forward, the walls were rapidly closing in on the former governor, who faced calls from every level of government to step aside. An analysis report by the New York Daily News forecasted his decision in a report yesterday evening, as Cuomo rapidly lost the support of his remaining defenders. 

In our recent poll, readers voiced their disappointment in the governor.

“Cuomo is a filthy pig. Pressuring those women and then retaliating is not right,” said one of our readers who voted in favor of resignation. 

Another reader called on Cuomo to resign, regardless of whether the governor believes he is innocent. “Regardless of his opinion of his own guilt or innocence, this topic is too raw and relevant today for there to be a leader in questionable status. Defend yourself and resign to protect and clear your name or face the consequences of your unintended actions.”

Some of our respondents included Cuomo’s involvement in the nursing home deaths as an additional reason for his resignation. “Cuomo should also be tried for the Nursing Homes Genocide!” said one respondent. 

While an overwhelming majority of our readership is calling for the governor to resign, a few disagree. One participant voted “no,” and explained, “He should be impeached, so we don’t have to keep paying him.” 

Another reader who said Cuomo should not resign explained their reasoning. “I don’t care what he does on his own time. As long as he does his job.”

Cuomo’s term will end in 14 days, and Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul will be appointed as the state’s first female governor. According to reports from the New York Times, Hochul has kept her distance from Cuomo, being notably absent from the slew of press conferences the governor held to address the accusations leveled against him.

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