Thrill Seekers Wanted

By Spencer DuBoffKevin and Jess

Do you seek adventure? Are you open to physical activity in a controlled environment? How do you feel about group activities?

The Palisades Center Climb, located in West Nyack, has been operating at full capacity since 2012 and is the tallest indoor climbing structure in the East coast. Owned and operated by Adventure Climb LLC, the attraction features both a four story/five level main course, as well as a “Sky Tykes” course, aimed at young children under 48”.

Beginning on the fourth floor of the mall, the path leads directly to the bottom level of the shopping center and features over 200 different challenge points. These range from netted ropes, to suspended bridges.

Now you might be wondering, how exactly the mall got away with building a gigantic jungle gym with a potential 50 foot drop right in the middle of the complex?! Well, the course may look perilous, but the owners and operators of the climb have taken great care to ensure that would be adventurous can enjoy the thrill of a midair obstacle course in total safety.

The Palisades Center Climb has a complete set of rules and regulations to follow, including a strict training regime for its employees. All Palisades Center Climb employees arerequired to be both ETD Certified (Emergency Take-Down) as well as CPR certified along with other safety and hazard prevention training. Both employees and participants are entirely harnessed and latched to a carabiner, which makes it impossible for their harness to separate from the steel beams that guide the course; if you slip and lose balance, you simply hang from the latch until you can regain your footing.

Speaking of which, at the top of the course, there is a zip-line that takes climbers scaling across the entire course on top of the mall! The Climb takes anywhere from 45 minutes, toan hour and a half (depending on the number of participants currently on) to complete, and has been a popular avenue for parties and events.

“We’ve had people from all across the country come to visit,” said General Manager Kevin Clark. “We had an elderly couple that were on a hiking journey across the country, who visited here. We had a guy who came all the way from Yugoslavia, we get everyone,”

 The Palisades Climb is available for bookings of all kinds and is currently open Friday-Sunday. Interested in learning more? Visit their website for additional information:

Adventure Climb

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