Rockland Residents Protest Lawler for Anti-Choice Record

On Sunday, a group of Rockland residents protested the anti-choice positions of State Assemblyman and NY-17 Republican candidate Mike Lawler. Rockland County Democratic Committee Chair John Gromada released the following statement after the protest: “Despite Mike Lawler’s best effort to hide from voters, the people of Rockland are holding him accountable for his radical, anti-choice record. Lawler spent years working to elect, donating to, and currying favor with anti-choice candidates and groups,” said Rockland Democrat Chair John Gromada.
“Tonight, Rockland residents came together to raise their voice and fight back against Republican efforts to take away women’s reproductive rights. Mike Lawler’s anti-choice views are out-of-touch and far too radical to represent the Hudson Valley in Congress.”
Lawler has avoided commenting on the issue in the weeks since the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade, and local activists claim that the Assemblyman has ignored their calls to clarify his stance on reproductive rights.
On Monday, June 27, activists called on all NY-17 GOP candidates to answer questions about their stance on access to abortion and Lawler has yet to respond. The Assemblyman does have a history of working with outspoken opponents of Roe Vs Wade, working as the campaign manager for Rob Astorino in 2014 and Julie Killian in 2016. In 2016, Lawler tweeted that abortion rights are not constitutionally protected.
Though he has not commented directly on the issue, the Assemblyman released a scathing rebuke of the protestors’ decorum, accusing the demonstrates of threatening the safety of his family.  “Last night, radical far-left protestors picketed outside my fundraiser showing how seriously Sean Patrick Maloney and Alessandra Biaggi are taking my candidacy in the race for New York’s 17th Congressional District,” said Lawler. “What was most appalling about this display was the heinous sign seemingly threatening the life of my wife, Doina.”
“Sean Maloney and Alessandra Biaggi claim to support immigrants and women, and yet they have remained completely silent in the face of this attack on my immigrant wife, who recently gave birth to our first child,” Lawler continued.
“Shame on them and their party cronies in Rockland County for this disgusting display!”
“I recognize that the recent Supreme Court decision evokes great emotion and passion from people on every side of the issue, and I welcome a civil discourse on where to find common ground. But when my opponents’ supporters invoke my wife’s name and threaten her in such a personal way, they
cross a very dangerous line.”
“I was outraged when I saw this disgusting display outside of Mike Lawler’s fundraiser,” said Orangetown Supervisor Teresa Kenny. “When I pulled into the parking lot, I was shocked to see that these protestors had pulled the spouse of a candidate into their rhetoric. Spouses and families of candidates have no place in political discourse, and I call on Congressman Maloney and Senator Biaggi to condemn this action in the strongest possible terms.”

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