Motek brings quality custom jewelry to Rockland

What’s one of the secret ingredients to any successful business? Quality. That is business owner Ben Yehoshua’s answered when explaining his growing success in the local jewelry industry, has attained through his careful attention to detail that has kept customers coming back to Motek Jewelry in Monsey, NY.

The jewelry business has been in Yehoshua’s blood ever since he was a child, as his father owned a store in the Bronx and his grandfather had
been a diamond cutter. Yehoshua began his career working in his father’s store, cleaning display cases and keeping watch for any piece that
needed to be fixed or altered.
“I notice everything,” Yehoshua said. “Every single little thing. I use that to my advantage.”

Yehoshua became interested in opening his own store after his wife noticed an empty space for sale that would make the ideal storefront.  With the growing success of the business, Yehoshua has been able to invest in high quality materials and build lasting relationships with his customers.
“I’m not trying to make a quick buck,” Yehoshua emphasized. “We’re consistent with what we do.”

As a Jewler, Yehoshua believes the best qualities to have for the job are a healthy blend of faith, patience, humor and of course, passion above all else.
“There has to be passion. The whole concept of jewelry is passion. The only way that it makes sense is that you are making art.”

Motek Jewelry is a custom jewelry shop that specializes in design and repair services using lab grown diamonds to create quality products for both in and out of store customers in the New York area as well as those in Connecticut, Florida and Los Angeles.

In-person customer visits are often accompanied by digital meetings afterward, with additional in-home visits if necessary depending on the
size of the job.

For more information, call Motek Jewelry at 845-213-6087 or
visit their website at

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