Town of Ramapo Upgrades Street Lighting 

The Town of Ramapo has completed  Phase 1 of a new initiative intended to reduce energy use and increase public safety. On Tuesday August 8, the town took the first steps toward implementing the Smart Streetlight project, which involved the removal and replacement of older streetlights with   LED streetlights equipped with intelligent sensors and remote monitoring capabilities throughout neighborhoods in Ramapo. These energy-efficient streetlights will provide  enhanced visibility and safety for pedestrians and drivers alike.
“We are thrilled to witness the successful completion of Phase 1 of our Smart Streetlight Project,” said Michael Specht, Town Supervisor. “The positive impact of these modern streetlights on our community has been remarkable, and we are excited to embark on the next phase to further leverage technology for the betterment of our town.”
Phase 2 of the Smart Streetlight Project will expand the deployment of these smart streetlights to additional areas within Ramapo and will add over 1500 new streetlights to areas that had limited or no lights in the past. The first of the new lights were installed at the intersection of West Maple Avenue and Smolley Drive, illuminating Viola Park in Monsey.

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