REVIEW OF BORN MINUS BY ARMAND MIELE Editor, Building a better life when you’re born poor is hard enough… but when you’re held back because of your heritage and personal illnesses, the odds against you increase. Armand Miele beat the odds because he didn’t worry about them. He just forged ahead building friendships, building businesses and building a strong family. His book is a modern parable about building a better […]

Miele’s Musing — A Dangerous Age for Family Values

BY PUBLISHER EMERITUS ARMAND MIELE No matter how hard the pain and suffering it takes to raise a family and live together, always remember the wisdom that says blood is thicker than water. If you grow up with strong family values, they will always be with you. Knowing your heritage and family tree will give […]


Editor, As a North Rockland resident, this past year I have seen my school property taxes increase nearly 8 percent, my town taxes increase 2.9 percent and my county property taxes will increase by more than 30 percent, in addition to several other county taxes that add up to the equivalent of another 30 percent. […]

Cuomo must include mandate relief in 2012 budget

Op-ed by NYGOP Chairman Ed Cox Driven by state and federal mandates that can eat up 85 percent or more of a county budget, New York’s property taxes are double the national average. Each year, the Tax Foundation shows upstate counties have the highest tax burden compared to property values in the nation. While Gov. […]

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