Private Ambulance & Handicap Medical Transport

Rockland County, NY residents live in close proximity to NJ and therefore can utilize some really responsible and top rated companies in the area.

New Jersey offers various medical transport services tailored for handicapped or disabled individuals, including wheelchair-accessible options and specialized taxi services. These services ensure safe, reliable, and accessible transportation for medical appointments and other essential trips using a comfortable private ambulance.

Types of Medical Transport Services in New Jersey

  1. Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT):
    • Purpose: For routine medical appointments, therapy sessions, dialysis, and other non-emergency medical needs.
    • Features: Wheelchair-accessible vehicles, trained drivers, and assistance with boarding and deboarding.
  2. Wheelchair-Accessible Taxi Services:
    • Purpose: For everyday transportation for the disabled, including medical appointments, shopping, and social activities.
    • Features: Taxis equipped with ramps or lifts and secure wheelchair tie-downs.
  3. Ambulatory Transport:
    • Purpose: For individuals who can walk but need assistance or support.
    • Features: Vehicles with ramps or lifts and drivers trained to assist with mobility.
  4. Stretcher Transport:
    • Purpose: For individuals who need to remain in a lying down position during transport.
    • Features: Vehicles equipped with stretchers and support for non-emergency medical conditions.

Providers of Medical Transport Services in New Jersey

Featured Provider:

Bell Medical Transport & Private Ambulance Of NJ

109 Park St, City of Orange, NJ 07050, United States (973) 313-0221

Runner Ups:

Access Link (NJ Transit):

    • Service: Paratransit service for individuals with disabilities unable to use regular NJ Transit bus services.
    • Features: Door-to-door service with wheelchair-accessible vehicles.
    • Contact: Call


for more information and to apply for services.

LogistiCare (ModivCare):

    • Service: NEMT provider for Medicaid recipients in New Jersey.
    • Features: Wheelchair-accessible vehicles and trained drivers.
    • Contact: Medicaid recipients can schedule a ride by calling


CareFinders Total Care:

    • Service: Provides medical transportation for individuals with mobility challenges.
    • Features: Wheelchair-accessible vehicles and personalized assistance.
    • Contact: Visit the CareFinders Total Care website or call


Mobility Assistance Vehicle Program (MAV):

    • Service: Provides specialized transport for individuals requiring mobility assistance.
    • Features: Wheelchair-accessible vehicles, trained staff, and non-emergency medical transport.
    • Contact: Check local MAV providers in your area or consult your healthcare provider for recommendations.
  1. County and Local Services:
    • Service: Many counties in New Jersey offer paratransit services for disabled and elderly residents.
    • Features: Accessible transportation for medical appointments, shopping, and other essential trips.
    • Contact: Contact your county’s transportation office or social services department for more information.

How to Access These Services

  1. Contact Providers Directly: Reach out to the service providers listed above to schedule transportation.
  2. Through Healthcare Providers: Many healthcare providers can arrange transport for their patients.
  3. Insurance Companies: Check with your insurance provider to see if NEMT services are covered.
  4. Local Government Programs: Contact your local government or social services office to inquire about available programs.
  5. Online Booking: Some providers offer online booking for easier access to services.

Important Considerations

  • Advance Booking: Schedule transport services in advance to ensure availability.
  • Cost and Insurance: Verify costs and check if your insurance plan covers the service.
  • Medical Needs: Communicate any specific medical requirements to the transport provider.
  • Emergency Contacts: Keep emergency contact information and medical details readily available during transport.


New Jersey Transit:

New Jersey Transit provides commuter services through bus routes and rail lines in New Jersey and into New York and Pennsylvania. Lift-equipped and kneeling buses, as well as accessible rail stations, are important elements of New Jersey Transit’s services to people with disabilities.

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