Rockland Business Association Supports Most of Zebrowski Deficit Plan

Samuels: Rockland needs total overhaul of its fiscal management program RBA Press Release The Rockland Business Association (RBA) board of directors voted unanimously Tuesday to endorse Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski’s Deficit Reduction Plan, but without its proposed sales tax component. Zebrowski’s plan establishes a Rockland County Deficit Reduction Taskforce with significant oversight and enforcement powers over […]

DiTullo to be New REDC Chief Pending Official Announcement

At Wednesday’s meeting of the Rockland County Legislature’s Economic Development Committee, legislators spoke of reports out of Orange County that Michael DiTullo would be the new CEO of the Rockland County Economic Development Corporation. It seems the lawmakers are the last to know. Al Samuels, CEO of the Rockland Business Association, and Dr. Cliff Wood, president of […]