Is David Fried Being Attacked by Blue Holograms?

Is David Fried Being Attacked by Blue Holograms?

Either County Executive Candidate David Fried is living in a very dangerous parallel dimension filled with holograms, or his new website is experiencing some technical difficulties. Attached is a photo seen at the top of Fried’s webpage and left there for several days. It shows a beleaguered looking Fried ducking an attack from a mysterious blue […]

“House of Horrors” Story Spooks Town Board

Nervous officials attack Rockland County Times, even while confirming the most important points of the article BY DYLAN SKRILOFF It was a rare scene last Tuesday night in Clarkstown Town Hall, as resident after resident read excerpts of the Rockland County Times’ controversial front page article from August 9, “House of Horrors,”demanding explanations from the […]

Letter to the Editor: Patronage — Alive and Well in Clarkstown

Dear Editor, In our attack on Patronage in Clarkstown, Mr. Savino seems to think that the Clarkstown Taxpayers have orchestrated a politically motivated attack on him. The only political motivation that the Clarkstown Taxpayers have is to rid our town board of the entrenched politicians (think Term Limits) that continue to hand out patronage jobs. […]