ACLU Case Suffers Major Setback from Appeals Court Ruling

ACLU Case Suffers Major Setback from Appeals Court Ruling

Liberty Counsel Press Release A federal appeals court has reversed the decision in American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, Inc. v. Dixie County Florida. Last summer, a U.S. District Judge ruled in favor of the ACLU and ordered Dixie County to remove the six-ton granite monument of the Ten Commandments. The recent ruling reverses that […]

Bongiorno’s Blunder

Former D.A. Michael Bongiorno fails to notarize Weisberg’s petition signatures properly, resulting in loss of Independence Party line BY SARA GILBERT Republican Daniel Weisberg’s petition to be a primary candidate on the Independence Party line has been thrown out by NY State Supreme Court Justice Linda Jamieson. Clarkstown Town Justice Rolf Thorsen challenged Weisberg’s petitions […]

Timelines: August 2, 2012

MTA Updates Plan for Financial Future The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) released its 2013 Preliminary Budget and July Financial Plan for 2013-16. In 2010, the MTA demonstrated the most aggressive cost cutting in its history. The plan released now builds on those same cost cutting initiatives. These efforts have generated $686 million in annual recurring […]

When a Confession Is Not Enough

BY DIANE DIMOND It is hard to believe or understand, but people confess to committing crimes — sometimes horrible crimes — when they are completely innocent. It happens more often than you can imagine. False confessions can be traced to unjust interrogation techniques, poor legal advice or even the mental illness of the suspect. That’s […]

Fair to Taxpayers? Rockland Suffers Expensive Loss in Fair Housing Case

Over 20K down the drain as taxpayers foot the bill for legal expenses in condo squabble BY LEGAL LARRY In 1968 the United States Congress passed the Fair Housing Act. The primary purpose of this legislation is to protect the buyer/renter of a residence from a seller/landlord’s discrimination. The law makes it unlawful to refuse […]