Spectator: Happy Father’s Day

Spectator: Happy Father’s Day

  It doesn’t seem possible that we are approaching the half-way mark of the year 2018! Is it possible that Christmas was that long ago? I haven’t paid for some of the Christmas gifts I bought! I’m not sure why June was chosen to be the month when we got around to thinking about good […]

Miele’s Musings: Father’s Day

BY PUBLISHER EMERITUS ARMAND MIELE I was fortunate enough to have both my natural parents raise me. I saw the sacrifices they both made, and I honor them every day for living up to their principals. We lived on my father’s sole salary in those days. My mother carried five children in her womb, nine […]

Famous Father’s Day Gifts

BY THE SPECTATOR, JOHN MALONEY Well, here we are with another Father’s Day just around the corner. I don’t know why it is, but Mother’s Day gets more attention and more coverage all over than Father’s Day. Hey, if it weren’t for fathers, there wouldn’t be any Mother’s Day! The Spectator began to think about […]