Haverstraw (Again) Ordered to Pay Huge Monies in CondemnationProceedings

Haverstraw (Again) Ordered to Pay Huge Monies in CondemnationProceedings

By Joel Grossbarth A little over a year after the Village of Haverstraw was ordered by an appeals court to pay almost $8 million dollars to a property owner that the village took land from, that same court has now ordered the village to pay over $1 million to a different property owner and lessee […]

Timelines: August 2, 2012

MTA Updates Plan for Financial Future The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) released its 2013 Preliminary Budget and July Financial Plan for 2013-16. In 2010, the MTA demonstrated the most aggressive cost cutting in its history. The plan released now builds on those same cost cutting initiatives. These efforts have generated $686 million in annual recurring […]

After New York City, Will Speed-Cameras Head Our Way?

Speed cameras may be coming to New York City. An enabling bill has been sponsored in the New York State Senate by a Republican lawmaker, a hurdle which the idea had yet to surmount in past years. On the positive side the cameras could cut down on court and police costs, raise revenues by prosecuting […]