The Dick Tracy of Wichita

BY DIANE DIMOND  This is a story about a cop’s cop. A hometown kid who devoted his life to keeping his community safe, a man who took on the duty no one should have to do — to minister to the murdered and help seek justice for their families. This column is dedicated to the […]

Kids and Guns and Public Safety, by Diane Dimond

BY DIANE DIMOND Uncle Jim used to herd a group of us kids into the car on a sunny Saturday morning and head to an isolated area outside town. His son, little Jim, my two cousins Sandy and Terry and I were full of anticipation. We were going target shooting — with a real gun […]

Dimond: Crime and Justice Issues Are on the Public’s Radar

BY DIANE DIMOND Last year’s tally is now in, and the news story that garnered the most searches on the Internet was … (can I get a drum roll, please?) … A crime story! Before I get to the winner, may I just say that life, as a crime and justice columnist, is sometimes a […]

There Ought to Be a Law Against an “Incompetent” Congress

BY DIANE DIMOND  What would you say if I told you the federal government is spending at least $800 million dollars on something you don’t like or want? It’s happening. Year after year, and the actual figure is probably closer to $1 billion dollars. Fact: Recent public opinion polls show a huge majority of us […]

The Buying and Selling of Babies

BY DIANE DIMOND It is not some science fiction movie plot. It is real. Human beings are being manufactured and sold — right here in America. Even more shocking is the fact that decades after the first commercial U.S. sperm bank was opened (1971), after the world’s first test tube baby was born (1978) and […]