Will Faith help Decide the 2013 Mayoral Race?

The role of ‘faith’ in citywide campaigns BY ADAM LOMBARDI   www.queens-politics.com Will God’s endorsement help or hurt? New Yorkers have a highly selective pallet for citywide candidates espousing “faith” in politics, sometimes it’s a positive and other times it’s the equivalent of developing political leprosy. While the race for Mayor heats up, the contrasts […]

Is there a ‘Judas Conspiracy’ in New York City?

BY ADAM LOMBARDI, QUEENS-POLITICS.COM Rumor has it a few high-ranking GOP operatives have turned their backs on the pro-life movement by helping Democratic Candidate Christine Quinn’s bid for Mayor. Inside religious political circles, Quinn is considered the strongest adversary of religious free speech in New York City – infamously dubbed “public enemy number one to the […]