Your Privacy in This Digital World

Your Privacy in This Digital World

BY DIANE DIMOND Here we go again. Facebook critics are up in arms, outraged over the idea that their personal information might have been mishandled by the U.K.-based company Cambridge Analytica, Facebook or both. It’s as if people are surprised that digital information is shared or outright sold to other companies. Since no one pays […]

Haverstraw Youth Theatre Takes on Social Media and Sends Powerful Message in: “The Truth About Agnes”

BY GEORGE J. DACRE This is the age of Internet bullying and use of social media to embarrass people. The play “The Truth About Agnes,” written and directed by Samual Harps at Shades Repertory in Haverstraw, focuses on the trauma and disaster that bullying and embarrassing can involve. Agnes is brilliantly portrayed by Alexis Salem, […]

Brandon Raub, The Government and The Facebook Generation

BY VINNY MURPHY AND CANDACE RIVERA Iraqi veteran Brandon J. Raub is speaking out, after his recent detainment in a Virginian psych ward earlier this month. Raub, a decorated Marine, was arrested outside his home after law enforcement received complaints about Raub’s social media posts. “It made me scared for my country the idea that […]

Breaking Records Social Media Style

BY HEATHER HACKNEY In the last few weeks some interesting new records have been set for the Guinness Book. One was for the title “World’s Largest Parade of Boats.” This record was set in the United Kingdom on June 6, 2012, with 670 boats in attendance, during the celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. Right […]

Social Media Apps Make it Easy for Big Brother to Spy on Citizens

BY MICHAEL CAHILL CIA admits new technologies are aiding its efforts At a press conference earlier this month General David Petraeus, director of the CIA, said that the CIA is now employing sophisticated new spying techniques. These techniques could allow them to spy on you by hacking into your apps, your Netflix account or simply […]

Smart phones and social media: Destructive

BY LARRY KLAYMAN — Freedom Watch There is always a tendency for an older generation to wax nostalgic about the past. While I am not old, in my opinion at least, what I have observed in recent years about our nation’s youth and their use of smart phones in particular, which facilitate their constant access […]