Timelines: July 19, 2012

Towns Band Together to Bill the County In an act of revenge against the county for passing on new costs to towns, Rockland’s five towns are going to now send the county all bills for maintenance and utilities on county roads. They are exploring legal options as well in case the county refuses to pick […]

Supervisor Andy Stewart Says Shifting Costs to Towns Does Not Benefit the Taxpayer

Open letter from Orangetown Supervisor Andy Stewart to county lawmakers Dear Mr. Vanderhoef and Rockland County Legislators, I write to register my objection to the cost-shifting of county-controlled programs to the Towns, and specifically to Orangetown. There is no policy logic to these cost shifts; they are proposed merely because state law permits it. In […]

Reconnecting Rockland: “Back to Our Roots, Part 2”

Reconnecting Rockland: “Back to Our Roots, Part 2”

A forward thinking (and backward looking) monthly column on zoning, planning, and development by Jared Rodriguez, a Stony Point native and recent NYU grad schooled in civil engineering, architecture, and real estate development. Last month I discussed the world that my grandparents and great-grandparents left behind. All that survives of it are our old downtowns, […]