Garnerville Residents Might See Tax Increase The proposed 2013-2014 budget proposal for the King’s Daughters Public Library District includes a tax-levy increase of 3.1 percent, breaking the state’s two percent tax cap and possibly hitting Haverstraw taxpayers’ wallets harder. The board attempted to minimize the increase by cutting library systems, operations and maintenance, but could […]

Timelines 5/16/13

Big Changes Planned for Rockland Polling Places In response to concerns about the safety of polling locations, Rockland County Election Commissioner Louis “Butch” Babcock announced changes and security improvements which will be made in response to observations made during visits to polls to check for disability access. According to Babcock, some polling places have been moved […]


George W. Bush Library Dedicated in Dallas Current president Barack Obama joined former commander-in-chief George W. Bush and several former presidents at the dedication ceremony for the presidential library which bears Bush’s name on April 25, marking an unusually nonpartisan display for high-profile Democrats and Republicans. Attendees included former presidents Jimmy Carter, George Bush Senior […]


Resolution Urges Congress to Extend Highlands Conservation Act Passed by County Legislature Vice Chairman of the Legislature Alden H. Wolfe sponsored a resolution to urge the US House of Representatives to pass House Resolution 712 to extend the Highlands Conservation Act of 2004, that is due to expire at the end of 2014, until the […]

Timelines — 11/29

New Challenge to the Affordable Care Act  The United States Supreme Court ordered a federal appeals judge earlier this week, to consider an argument against the 2010 Affordable Care Act from Liberty University. In 2010 a federal judge threw out the university’s challenge. Earlier this year the Supreme Court voted to uphold the law 5-4 in […]

Timeline — 11/21

FEMA Center in Piermont  Following lobbying from public officials including Senator Chuck Schumer, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has opened a second disaster recover center for Rockland County in the Village of Piermont. Residents can visit the center to learn about making claims for damages sustained during Hurricane Sandy. Residents can also get information […]