The names of the two men who took part in the October snowstorm golf course incident reported on in last week’s Rockland County Times are James and Charles “Chicky” Bruntfield of Stony Point. They had worked at the Patriot Hills golf course and are now on suspension pending a decision on their work status.
James Bruntfield has been arrested for his part in the incident, including a felony charge of burglary. Supervisor Sherwood said disciplinary action for their conduct as employees will have to be negotiated through their union reps in the CSEA. The two brothers  had other misconduct in the past, such as showing up drunk to work, and they may be fired.
The brothers had got their car stuck in the woods as they tried to party with their girlfriends during the freak snowstorm. Instead of cutting their losses, they broke into the golf course garage and took a pick-up truck to tow out their car but they also got the truck stuck in the snow and mud. Then they took a tractor, which also got stuck, before finally they had to fess up. More information will be forthcoming.
James Bruntfield was hired in March as an irrigation mechanic earning a salary of approximately $57,000 plus benefits. Chicky’s exact position and salary was not located by the paper, but it is similar.

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