Food Mart on 9W and Fuel Mart on Willow Grove flunk the underage customer test

On Wednesday, November 23 the Stony Point Police Department, assisted by the Rockland County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and the Rockland County Drug Task Force, conducted an underage alcohol sales investigation. The operation began at 8:00 p.m. and targeted stores and bars licensed to sell alcohol. An undercover, who was under 21-years-old, was sent into several establishments where he attempted to purchase alcohol. Two of the businesses sold to the undercover and seven refused sale, or in some cases entry into the establishment. 

The sales were made at Stony Point Food Mart on Route 9W (the gas/food vendor across Washburns Ave. from the Stony Point Budget Inn) and the Stony Point Fuel Mart on Willow Grove Road. The clerks that made the sales were arrested and released with a return court appearance of December 15, 2011 at 1:30 p.m. As a result of this operation, the below listed individuals were charged with a violation of section 65 sub1 of the NYS ABC Law (Prohibited Sale to A Minor) and section 260.20 sub 2 of the NYS Penal Law (Unlawfully Dealing with a Child First Degree). 
Shahzad A. Mirza, male, 39 y.o.a.
638 Plum Terrace
Mahwah, N.J. 07430

Rajesh Sharma, male, 45 y.o.a.
111 S. Liberty Dr.
Stony Point, N.Y. 10980

The seven businesses that refused sale or entry to the undercover were Noels Restaurant, Halligan’s Pub, The Fireside Steakhouse, Sheeran’s Restaurant, Stony Food and News, the Shell Gas Station and Route 9W Mobil. This operation was funded by Rockland County STOP D.W.I.
Also on November 23, 2011 the Stony Point Police Department in conjunction with the Rockland County Sheriff’s Department conducted a STOP DWI sobriety checkpoint starting at 10:00 p.m. As a result of this operation two individuals were arrested for alcohol related driving offenses. The below listed individual was arrested by the Stony Point Police Department for D.W.I.:
Paula J. Pellegrino, female, 46 y.o.a.
123 Central Hwy
Stony Point, N.Y. 10980

Another female was arrested by the Rockland County Sheriff’s Department. This initiative was also funded by Rockland County STOP D.W.I.

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