“Foote steps” Lead Cops to 140 Arrests

At least 140 “Foote soldiers” might follow “King of Pot” Dunston Foote to the cell block

King of Pot Dunston Foote sold Mexican weed to locals. In January 2011 he was arrested, but that wasn't the end of the operations that used to center around him. Others picked up the slack and cops claim that over 500 lbs. of marijuana has been seized from Foote-associated operations in 2011

Spring Valley Police announced Monday, December 12 that they spearheaded an investigation into Rockland’s drug underground that’s led to 140 arrests of people involved in the operation of deposed King of Pot, Dunston Foote (streetname “Killa”), former resident of Hillburn, as well as other drug activity. The names of the alleged perps will be released next week, police said, but they invited media to take pictures of seized drugs, guns, cash and other assets earlier this week.

The arrests are the culmination of a 10-month endeavor called “Operation Lifeline.” Other arrests have been announced through the year. The investigation centered around operations led by Foote, who is currently facing federal charges for transporting marijuana across state lines. He was arrested in January 2011. Police said when he was taken out other people alleged criminals simply filled in the power vacuum in the Rockland drug trade.
Police said 700 lbs. of marijuana have been seized over the course of the year, about 17 lbs. which they showed to media this week. The street value of 700 lbs. of marijuana is close to $1 million, police said. When Foote was arrested in January, 50 lbs. of the illegal plant were seized.
Some of the drug dealers arrested were in possession of guns, including military pieces such as a .223 assault rifle.

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