It was supposed to be a smooth goodbye for longtime Sheriff James Kralik, but Clarkstown Sergeant and media liaison Harry Baumann changed all that when he spilled his guts to Steve Lieberman of the Journal News about Kralik’s supposedly bloated budgets and “empire-building” ambitions, including a supposed desire to consolidate all police departments into one. Baumann lamented that many of the special units Kralik built were superfluous and pilfered taxpayer money.
Word has it that the normally understated Baumann received a royal reprise of the highest order from Clarkstown Police Chief Michael Sullivan for speaking his mind. The chief even felt compelled to send a letter to the public explaining that his administration has nothing but love for the good Sherif.  You can read the letter below.
Meanwhile, regardless of politics, Sheriff Kralik has been a steady force in Rockland for 20 years as chief and almost 50 years as a law enforcement agent. He has built up several special forces, which in his opinion supplemented the local departments. His vigilance in the years following 9/11 is something everyone who met him during that time will remember.
As Kralik steps down, his chosen successor Chief Louis Falco, is set to fill the big shoes. Kralik will retire to spend more time on his beloved dude ranch in Gettsyburgh, PA, where he is an expert in Civil War history.
Read Clarkstown Police Chief Michael Sullivan’s letter to the public regarding Baumann’s statements. Baumann would not comment about the situation further.
Open letter:

In the Rockland County Journal News article of December 21, 2011regarding the retirement of Sheriff James Kralick there were several unfortunate comments from this organization that were made in reference to Sheriff Kralick and the Rockland County Sheriff’s Department. These comments in no way reflect the opinion of the department and certainly not of the administration.

As a member of Rockland County Law Enforcement for the past 24 years I have come to know and respect Sheriff Kralick as a consummate professional and a visionary law enforcement leader. His contributions to local law enforcement and homeland security are too numerous to expound upon in this statement but are well known and appreciated. His contributions to local, state and federal law enforcement issues have been exemplary and greatly admired on all levels, and he has left a record of achievement that will no doubt remain unmatched for many years to come.

As newly appointed Chief of Police, I deeply regret that I will not have the opportunity to continue to benefit from Sheriff Kralick’s experience, guidance, and leadership, but I look forward to working with the new Sheriff and the other Chiefs of Police in Rockland in carrying on his legacy.

Clarkstown Chief of Police Michael Sullivan

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