City of Clarkstown in the future?

Clarkstown Supervisor Alex Gromack said last night in his state of the town address that Clarkstown will study the ramifications of becoming a city.
He said as a city Clarkstown could collect their own sales tax instead of seeing county government take virtually all of it. Right now Clarkstown, especially the West Nyack Pyramid Mall, accounts for over 60 percent of all sales tax in Rockland.

Gromack was apparently triggered by this year’s budget which saddles towns with additional expenses formerly covered by county government. Since Vanderhoef and the Rockland Legislature decided to shift these burdens onto the towns.

Whether this is a ploy to get concessions from the county or is a serious maneuver remains to be seen.

In order to become a city, Clarkstown would need to win approval from the New York State Legislature. At this point Clarkstown is only in the preliminary study stages of any possible change in its status.

None of the local officials including Gromack said they knew whether a city would take money from the county’s sales tax pool directly or whether it would have to institute new sales tax to bring revenue in.

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