Miele’s Musing — A Dangerous Age for Family Values


No matter how hard the pain and suffering it takes to raise a family and live together, always remember the wisdom that says blood is thicker than water. If you grow up with strong family values, they will always be with you. Knowing your heritage and family tree will give you a sense of purpose in life, something to honor and uphold. You will be stronger in your convictions and in your drive to succeed, knowing that your family’s pride and respect is with you. You will have greater honor for your country and your fellow person.

It’s a shame when people don’t care to know their own heritage or family tree. This happens all over the United States today, and it must be due to today’s influences on the young. Television, school propaganda about sex or against religion, broken marriages, and uncaring parents, all contribute to children thinking they are on their own in the world. They get cut off from their heritage and from their families. Look at some of the statistics on sex alone. A national study showed that teenagers whose friends were sexually active were more likely to smoke, drink, or use illegal drugs. I don’t have to explain or tell the rest of what happens.
We have organizations like Planned Parenthood getting invited into schools to promote sex to our children. They tell them it’s okay for teenagers to have “safe” sex. They actually demonstrate sex to children under 14-years-old using dolls. Teens are told if they want an abortion they do not have to tell their parents, and this is all legal. Children are taught hedonistic values and to follow their own instincts, instead of their parents’ values. Parents get so caught up in their own problems that they ignore problems, or they hesitate to question what the schools are teaching because they think the experts must know best.
The idiots who sanction and support all this are slowly destroying family values. With this type of growing up the young lose respect for their families and get out of control. They use drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. Some become addicts. To support their hedonistic lifestyles they will steal from and lie to their families, who without realizing it become part of their children’s drug habit by being too generous with money and too reluctant to ask questions. Addicts will resort to all kinds of illegal activity to support their habits, even to the point of destroying the family that has tried so hard to help them.
When I was selling real estate in the Bronx, I had a client with a small house valued at $10,000. The owner told me why he had to sell it. Their only son was on drugs, and the father tried to help him in any way he could. The son swore over and over that he would recover from his habit, if only his parents would give him a little more money. It was very difficult for the parents to say no to their only son; they wanted to help him, but didn’t know how to keep him out of trouble except by giving him what he said he needed. Then the son started stealing from his parents to support his habit. He stole anything he found of value in the house. It finally came to the point that the father himself went to buy the drugs for his son. Maybe they were trying to keep him from dealing; maybe he was so far gone that he would lose track of the money he stole. The end of the story is that the parents had to sell the house to support their son’s habit.
As long as you are supporting your child and they live in your home, you should be in control. Never give it up. Know who your children are socializing with. Ask them questions, and if you have any clue that something is wrong, go into their rooms and investigate. The most dangerous age for children is 13-19 years old, when their bodies are growing faster then their brains. Parents, don’t give up on your family values! It’s not easy with today’s hedonistic ideas, but it’s worth it. Your family and your children will be so much stronger and healthier.

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