(Public letter)
Dear Clarkstown Town Board and Town Attorney,
You should be ashamed of yourselves for blatantly dismissing one patronage person, M. Coppersmith because she is no longer of use to you since she doesn’t control the Independent Party line any more; and then filling her position with another patronage appointment by hiring an outside lawyer, who just happens to be the head of the Bronx Republican party, and the lawyer defending the recent head of the Independent Party, even though he has no experience in tax certiorari cases in representing towns.
This is exactly why Term Limits are needed because even though your entire group keeps thumbing your collective noses at the residents of Clarkstown, the voters keep electing you to office for some unfathomable reason. Term Limits are needed to protect the average citizen from themselves. Hopefully, the voters of Clarkstown will wake up and see the way you run Clarkstown by giving party bosses and political cronies high paying jobs in our town in return for giving you their respective party lines come election time.
Shame, shame on you!
Guy Gervasi
Clarkstown Taxpayers

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