Classy Production of “Dial M For Murder” at Antrim Playhouse, Wesley Hills


The Antrims Players do a delicious job with this Alfred Hitchcock thriller viewed this past Sunday afternoon at the Tom France Theatre. A marvelous csst was put together by producer Amanda Christine Vogt and very capable direction by Melinda Pinto resulted in a good show.

Kristin Leigh Nicholson, whose day job is an elementary school teacher in Suffern, plays the role of Margot, the intended victim of a murder plot by her jealous husband Tony (portrayed by Vincent Cueva), who also wanted to inherit the insurance money. Tony is irate after discovering a love letter to Margot from Max (Michael Burkett) and lays out a murderous plan to have Margot killed by a hired killer Lesgate ( Derek Tarson). But Tony’s plan B has to come into play when Lesgate gets killed by Margot (in self defense) as he tries to strangle her with stockings.

And therein lies the tale that is played out in Frederick Knotts play so popular years go, and made into a great Hitchcock movie with Ray Milland and Grace Kelley. Actor Allen Seward plays Detective Hubbard who in the l952 setting in London comes into the investigation of Lesgate’s death with Tony previously covering up as well as he can his muderous plot. But Hubbard follows all leads and winds up with the key to the mystery. All the cast seemed to really enjoy doing “Dial M For Murder” and a large audience enjoyed it as well as I.

I rate “Dial M For Murder” at Antrim Playhopuse Three Stars Out Of Four!!!. It plays through February 5 on weekends. Tickets at

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