Could Puerto Rico Be the 51st State?

This year, the people of Puerto Rico will be able to voice their own opinions on Puerto Rico being a U.S territory. This vote is the first of a two part vote that Governor of Puerto Rico, Luis Fortuno, signed into law, right before the start of the New Year.

On November 6, 2012, U.S citizens living in Puerto Rico will vote on if they agree with their home being a U.S territory, or if they oppose it. The ballot will have two questions, one about the agreement of status, and one asking if Puerto Rico should be something other than a territory, one of the options being a state.

A vote for statehood could pave the way for a 51st U.S State, but for now all Governor Fortuno wants to know is if Puerto Rico is content being a territory, and presenting people with other options if they are not.

“This status consultation also fulfills a pledge we made to voters in 2008, that during this term they would have the opportunity to express their preference for Puerto Rico’s future,” said Governor Fortuno. “The moment has arrived for our people to act decisively to resolve Puerto Rico’s status issue once and for all.  When the people make their historic choice next November, it will then be the turn of elected officials – both in San Juan and Washington – to act upon that mandate.”

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