TEA TIME WITH ANTHONY MELE… 2012: The Year of the Dragon


The Chinese Year of the Dragon is also an American election year. An ancient Chinese wisdom says: “If we don’t change our direction, we’re likely to end up where we’re headed.” The mythical dragon in Chinese lore can bring good fortune or misfortune. The metaphor is applicable to us as a nation of free people. If we do not change our direction, we will certainly end up where we are headed.

The Obama campaign promised us “hope and change.” What it delivered was the first national downgrade in our economic history. The only hope and change we have is in a telephone booth coin return or shaking down vending machines. Many home owners are finding their property is worth less than their mortgage. Unemployment is staggering and longest in our history. More businesses have filed for bankruptcy than any time in recent memory.

More lenders are defaulting on their loans in the past three years than the last eight before it. The majority of American’s are experiencing a constant barrage of opinion shaping propaganda developed by the highest paid Pavlovian behaviorists the industry has ever produced, with the sole aim of keeping us on our present course. Americans are being conditioned into believing we must continue into the direction we are headed.

Hope and change, gave us the apology president, bowing to Muslim kings, Oriental emperors, and a first lady expressing an open contempt for the American flag; “all this over a flag…” comment at the 2011, 9-11 memorial ceremony in New York. They never told us this was the direction they intended on taking us. They will not tell us we are headed for national economic collapse if we continue in this direction.

We all intuitively know that no CEO or his board of directors can print money to close a deficit or borrow their way out of debt, without being fired or indicted. Yet, we are somehow expected to believe that this president and his supporters should continue to lead us into the direction we are headed.

Professional opinion makers have devised a plan to sedate us with unrelenting propaganda directed at the current slate of GOP candidates opposing Obama. It is not coincidence it appeals to our distaste for the tawdry, overdosing us with salacious allegations, totally devoid of constitutional positions or policy solutions and ignoring Obama’s failures. Both Cain and Gingrich were swarmed by accusations about their personal conduct that are strictly a private family matter.

We needed reporting about their proposed solutions to complex problems, but instead were forced fed large doses of gossip, that is honestly none of our business. Interesting point to note is an airline pilot, heart surgeon, anesthesiologist and taxi drivers are entrusted with human life on a daily basis, yet we do not take their intimate relationships into consideration before putting our very lives into their hands.

Observe how easily distracted the masses become over gossip and completely ignore the real issues at hand. Less ink and airtime are dedicated to respect for the flag, our veterans, our military prestige, and violations to the US Constitution, or erosion of our liberties, diminished freedoms, lurching toward socialism, fascism and authoritarianism.

The Obama Administration just tried to take over the Internet, passed a provision that permits indefinite detentions, authorized printing up another few trillion dollars, signed a treaty that shelves our missile defenses, and are consistently attempting to pass federal laws that would effectively disarm the American public.

All of this accelerated over the past three years, yet, the “mainstream media” is bombarding us with tales of ex-wives and alleged marital affairs, like it was a Jerry Springer episode. More air-time is allocated for herding the American public into the direction the Obama Administration is taking us, than is to examine where we are headed.

The American taxpayer is being served up to a dragon with a voracious appetite for the fruit of our labor. We are told it is the only way to appease the beast. In the legend of St. George and the princess chosen to be fed to the dragon, he battled the beast and she lassoed it with her belt, restraining it long enough for him to slay it. St. George embodies the knightly code of valor and chivalry, protected from the dragon’s fire with a shield, represented by our Constitution.

The princess restrained the dragon with her belt, representing our vote. Stand behind the Constitution fearlessly, use our vote wisely, and together we can usher in the Year of the fortuitous Dragon. If we continue in this direction, we will end up just where we are headed; on the menu.

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