Veterinarian Inaugurating House Call Pet Care Service


Dr. Cynthia Mazzola, DVM, who has practiced quality veterinarian services for 21 years, has announced the opening of “Our House Call Vet Service” that promises superior veterinary service in the comfort of pet owners’ homes. Dr. Mazzola describes her new venture as “A good ol’ fashioned mom and pop business that is opening its  … well, your … doors in February.” At her side will be her husband, who is the Office Manager and technical assistant, Joseph.

Dr. Mazzola graduated at the top of her class from University of California at Davis, and then completed her internship at New Jersey’s Oradell Animal Hospital.  She is highly regarded by her peers and clientele in Bergen and Rockland Counties as a competent, compassionate and caring veterinarian.

She tells us, “I still love animals as much as when I was six years old and dreamt about becoming a veterinarian.”

Dr. Mazzola is open to alternative medicine, including minimal vaccines, vaccine titers, Low Level Laser Therapy, and holistic diets.  Her house call Veterinary dream was galvanized when she traveled alone to England to meet her idol, the ultimate house call Veterinarian James Herriot, author of “All Creatures Great and Small” and the following, popular BBC TV series.

We asked Dr. Mazzola what pets would be best served by her service. “Parents with young children, when getting to the vet is a huge undertaking with children and pets in tow. Work-at-home people, who need not take time out of their busy day to sit in a waiting room, sometimes for hours.  Folks with young dogs and cats, which all have immature immune systems, making them susceptible to getting infections at a busy Vet clinic.  ‘After all’, Dr. Mazzola says, ‘other sick cats and dogs are going there.’ Geriatric dogs who can’t get into cars. “All cats. They hate cars and the dogs in a waiting room sticking their heads into the carrier. Kitties even hate the smells of an animal hospital. “At home euthanasia, with your pet sitting in their favorite spot with their favorite people. Actually, any pet can really benefit from a house call!”

To learn more: or call 201-803-7705

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