Pro-choice demonstrators ought not to stop at forcing the Susan G. Komen Foundation to continue their financial commitment to Planned Parenthood, they should OCCUPY KOMEN until they give ALL available money to Planned Parenthood.

After all, it’s clearly the business of the news media, and the pro-choice movement, to see that Komen adequately funds Planned Parenthood’s projects, and currently Komen only gives a mere $700,000 annually in grants to Planned Parenthood. That represents less than .07% of Planned Parenthood’s budget and less than .06% of Komen’s budget.

That is unacceptably low, by God, with numbers like that, they may as well be giving nothing at all.

Clearly Planned Parenthood is such a God-send to women’s health, and is so well known for their efforts to prevent breast cancer (well, not really), that $700,000 is just not nearly an appropriate amount.

Let’s all make it our business to dictate the exact amount that Komen gives, let’s make it substantial, at least 1 percent, $10 million. Anything less than that is shortchanging OUR favorite organization. Anything less than that, and we hit the streets!

OCCUPY! Woohoo!

Note – In case you didn’t figure it out, this was satire

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