TEA TIME WITH ANTHONY MELE… Statist Democrats: Why America Needs True Republicans


A Super-Bowl political ad by New York Mayor Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Menino asked President Obama to impose greater restrictions on legal gun owners, so guns would be kept out of the hands of criminals. This ad prompted an article by a left wing, UCLA constitutional professor who surmised that it would bring disaster to the Democrats if President Obama made the Second Amendment an Election Year issue. He advised that Obama keep quiet, get re-elected then go push for disarming the American public.

“The most likely result of Obama focusing on gun control would be, ironically, less gun control. Republicans in Congress have been pushing for a national right-to-carry law that would require every state to recognize permits to carry concealed weapons issued in other states. If the law is enacted, gun owners will be able to obtain a concealed carry permit in a state like Utah, which makes it easy to get a permit, and carry their firearms in states that otherwise strictly limit such licenses, like Bloomberg’s New York and Menino’s Massachusetts. Democrats have succeeded in fighting off passage of the law by the thinnest of margins. If Republicans gain additional seats in Congress or win the presidency, they can be counted on to jump-start efforts to pass the law.” [Adam Winkler is a constitutional-law professor at UCLA]

Most telling is this glimpse into the left wing, UCLA constitutional-law professor’s agenda. This is what he is teaching first year constitutional law students at UCLA as part of the curriculum. In short summary he advises the president and like-minded lemming democrats, to disarm the American people by stealth, gradualism, little or no debate, and the ole’ switch and bait. The idea they are most opposed to is reciprocity between States of the Union, just like a driver’s license. He further advised the president to keep the issue of the second amendment quiet so as not to turn the electorate’s attention to the embattled attorney general who supervised the transfer of 2,000 illegal guns with the intent of selling them to violent Mexican drug cartel, a decision that cost the life of an American border agent in the conduct of his duties.

Deceiving the American people in order to disarm us, overtax us, overspend, and over-reach, is not an exclusive Democrat Party trait, as there are Republican’s In Name Only, with whom they collude, but the mind-set they share is diametrically opposed to our founding principles. Look no further than Rockland County, New York where a low level Democrat Town Supervisor, in collusion with willing Republicans, engineered a $60 million dollar scam that ripped off the local taxpayers.

The New York State Comptroller, Thomas DiNapoli, conducted an audit of a short term construction project that proceeded despite being voted down by referendum, which uncovered tens of millions of unaccounted for dollars, inept Town Council oversight, and upon closer examination of the political donor contribution disclosures, a direct correlation of heavy contributions between every contractor who over-billed the town and the town supervisor’s account. By the way, that Democrat Town Supervisor, among others, was given the Republican line by the County Republican Chairman, not too long ago.

What we are experiencing in our lifetime is local, state and federal government officials, buying their way into office through manipulating local party bosses, with tradeoffs using tax dollars to make political contributions. Now we are watching them gradually erode our freedom of speech, 1st Amendment by that attempted grab for the Internet, then disarm us, 2nd Amendment, then violate Possee Comitatus, dictate indefinite detentions embedded in the NDAA bill, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments, then practice unwarranted search and seizures at the airport, ignoring the 4th Amendment. It must be clear to you that this administration despises our America.

Anthony Mele, MA, Diplomacy, and International Conflict Management, was the 2010 GOP candidate for Congressional District 17 and a former intelligence staff NCO for high level national security officials in the Pentagon. Anthony Mele also ran on the Preserve Ramapo line against Christopher St. Lawrence in the Town of Ramapo supervisor’s race in 2007.

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