Predicting the End: Whitney Senses the Light


Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s been a sad week of remembrance as we’ve had our share of blizzard media coverage of Whitney Houston. But one can’t help but wonder, had Whitney joined the ranks of those celebrities who knew the “end was near?”

TMZ happened to be the one of the first outlets to report on Whitney’s death; in their reports they noted “We’re told… on Friday , one day after she performed, “Yes Jesus Loves Me” at Tru nightclub in Hollywood, Whitney told one of her friends, ‘I’m gonna go see Jesus … I want to see Jesus,’ ” wrote TMZ.

They went on to say, “The next morning, hours before her death, Whitney was discussing a Bible passage involving John the Baptist and Jesus … when Houston flashed a big smile and remarked, “You know, he’s so cool… I really want to see that Jesus.”

Now, we all know religious beliefs are much like beauty, in the eye of the beholder and so forth, and everyone is entitled to their own views. In fact, director Peter Rodger’s new documentary “Oh My God?,” stars like Hugh Jackman, David Copperfield and Seal all turn up on screen to give this documentary a little A-List profiling. But that’s not really the issue at hand here is it? Had Whitney’s spirituality made her last days a foreshadow of her death?

It’s not the first time it’s happened. John Lennon said, “I’m next, I know it,” after the Beatle’s former road manager was shot to death in Los Angeles in 1980, and of course later that year, Lennon was shot as well. Weezer bassist Mikey Welsh said in a tweet reported to the Washington Post in 2011, “Dreamt I died in Chicago next weekend (heart attack in my sleep).” The very next weekend, hotel staff found his body in his room.

Rappers Tupac and Biggy Smalls rapped about their impending doom in the mid-90s, although arguably their deaths were self-inflicted through involvement in violent gangs. And perhaps the most famous death prediction of all was Nostradamus, who is said to have let his friends know that he knew his time was due.


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