Lowdown on February 28 Stony Point Town Board Meeting


The Stony Point Town Board met Tuesday night at the RHO Community Center Building to discuss town affairs and recognize the local charity work of the Stony Point Seals.

The meeting opened with comments and input from residents. This week several residents sought to air grievances and bring attention to certain issues. Included among these was a brief presentation by Susan Filgueras of the Stony Point Historical Society. Filgueras reported to the board that a historic gravesite, which had been covered up following tree removal by Orange and Rockland Utilities, had been rediscovered and restored.

Filgueras also brought talked briefly about the Champlain Hudson Power Express project. The project calls for the building of a high voltage direct current cable to carry electricity from the U.S. – Canadian border to the New York Metro area. This cable would pass partially through Stony Point, and Filgueras warned the board to work with the New York Power Authority to make sure the town is not harmed by the project.

In the police department report to the board it was announced that there will be an expansion of the already successful Youth Police Academy program in partnership with the Boy Scouts of America. The program gives young adults, aged 14 to 18, the opportunity to learn more about the law enforcement profession and possibly consider it for a career.

Councilwoman Luanne Konopko announced that funding for the EPA’s Sustainable Communities Program has been cut. However the town is still going forward with the grant, as it was awarded prior to the funding cut. It was also announced that the Patriot Hills Golf Course will open on March 7. This is three weeks earlier than it usually opens. The driving range at Patriot Hills is already open, for those looking to get a head start on the season.

The Stony Point Recreation department will be hosting “Bagels With The Bunny” on April 7 at 10 a.m. The event is Easter themed with bagels and coffee for attendees. Kids can enjoy the festivities and have their picture taken with the Bunny. Rockland Bakery is donating the bagels for the event.

The board then turned to honoring those for their contributions to the town. First Supervisor Geoffrey Finn presented Councilman Jim McDonnell with a small gift on behalf of the board. The plaque commemorates McDonnell’s 25 years of service to the town on the zoning board from 1987 to 2012. McDonnell had chaired Stony Point Zoning Board the past 11 years until early this year when he was appointed to a year term as town councilman.

The board then recognized the Stony Point Seals for their charity work. The Stony Point Seals are a local group that sponsors a yearly swim in the Hudson River on Superbowl Sunday. Since their founding in 2001, the Seals have used the event to raise money for charitable organizations that fight childhood diseases. From 2001 to 2011 they have raised over $300,000. The board presented the Seals with certificates of recognition.

After the presentation the board moved onto the remaining agenda items. It voted unanimously to approve a bid for the purchase of an ADA Compliant Pool Lift for $3,149. The lift will bring the town pool into compliance with state regulations, and also allow disabled residents to enjoy it this summer. The funding for the pool lift came from a donation to the town by Shop Rite of Stony Point.

Next the board voted unanimously to approve the 2012 Summer Playground Program. The Playground Program is a camp program for children ages 4 to 8 over the summer that takes place at Eccher Park. The program is broken up into four sessions of two weeks. Each session costs $100.

A town sponsored trip to the Ringling Brother’s Circus in March passed a board vote unanimously, as well as a decision to wave $485 in building permit fees for the Rosman Library.

Stony Point will soon be receiving new planning consultants services, after the board voted to contract with a new company, the Turner Miller Group from Suffern. The current consulting group, Robert Geneslaw Co. will be given 30 days notice that their services are no longer required by the town.

The board voted to go out to bid for fertilizer and pesticides for the Patriot Hills Golf Course. Also for the golf course the board accepted the bid for purchase of new a turf blower at $6,478.98 and a deck over trailer at $1,611.11. Seasonal staffers at the golf course will all also be rehired with a 2 percent pay increase.

Pending final approval of the documents from the town’s lawyer, the board voted unanimously to move forward with a plan to sell gift cards for the Patriot Hills Golf Course at Costco store locations in the area. The cards would be sold in $100 intervals at stores in Westchester, Northern New Jersey, and Manhattan.

The board then voted to unanimously approve changes to the project at 15 Dunderberg/ 32 Pyngyp. Also the board approved a request for the use of the retirement reserve for 2011. The board then approved a road survey. This survey is needed for Stony Point to receive funding from the Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program (CHIPS). The program provides state funds to local government for road maintenance and repair.

Day camp this summer will now allow children aged 6 to attend who have not yet completed the first grade. The board voted unanimously to approve the change, which will help some parents in making their camp arrangements this summer. The board also approved a trip to the New York State Town Clerk’s Association Conference for Town Clerk Joan Skinner. The conference will take place in Saratoga April 22 – 25.

The board then approved a $4,120 bid from JJJ Concrete Corp. for concrete work at the sewer department.

Finally the board moved to approve changes that will expand Stony Point’s relationship it’s current legal counsel. The move will reduce governmental costs incurred by bringing in outside legal contractors. Now Stony Point will rely on its current counsel for more legal matters for the same fee. The motion passed 4 to 1.

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