Diana Squashes MTA Speculation for Now

From MidHudsonNews.com

Upon hearing news that Rockland County might seek to withdraw from the MTA if it can form a partnership for a new transit authority with Orange County, County Executive Edward Diana said he is not ready to consider withdrawing Orange County from the regional authority.

The MTA’s Metro-North Railroad provides commuter train service to the Mid-Hudson and Rockland County has been exploring possible withdrawal and going it alone. Following a study released late last week, Rockland Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef suggested Rockland and Orange team up to consider their options for pulling out of the MTA region.

Diana told MidHudsonNews.com that is not in the cards.

“I think there are other areas and other ways that we as a county can get more dollars back to our taxpayers that spent it on the MTA; that’s another alternative that we have,” he said. Diana said it is “disrespectful” for the MTA to give only one-quarter vote to each of the Mid-Hudson counties.

Both Rockland and Orange receive back less in services than their residents and commuters pay to the MTA, a major bone of contention to their leaders.

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