Rep. King Outs CAIR as Force Behind Lame-stream Media Reportage of NYPD’s Anti-Terror Surveillance

The allegedly terrorist-connected “Council on American-Islamic Relations,” has a peculiar influence over the mainstream media in this nation, including the Associated Press and some local and regional daily newspapers, says Rep. Peter King (R) of Long Island.

King held a rally outside One Police Plaza in New York City to criticize “left-wing rumormongers” in the media regarding their recent coverage of the NYPD’s anti-terror surveillance program.

“It is absolutely disgraceful that The New York Times, the Associated Press, [and] other elements of the politically correct media have allowed themselves to be used by groups such as CAIR and I just wish once … just once, the New York Times or the Associated Press instead of calling CAIR a ‘Muslim civil rights organization’ would refer to them as what they are; unindicted co-conspirators in the most major terrorist financing case in the United States,” Mr. King said, referring to the “Holy Land investigation” in which the feds found monies funneled through Muslim-American organizations to Hamas.

“That’s what CAIR is,” Rep. King continued, “and yet, when you read the papers and you read the reports, it’s anti-NYPD [coverage].”

King’s statements received support from some parts of the Muslim community, including members of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, who agree with the NYPD’s aggressive anti-terrorist tactics. King fumed that the liberal agenda made no sense whatsoever. He pointed out that in the past, when the nation faced specific threats, it focused on those threats. When trying to bust-up the Italian mafia the feds did not waste time and money being politically correct, King said.

The lawmaker credited the NYPD with breaking up several terror plots.

“Let’s give a medal to Ray Kelly and let’s denounce the New York Times and the Associated Press for what they are; left wing rumormongers carrying out the work of CAIR,” Congressman King said.

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