Which Flag Does She Salute?

Dear Editor,

I find people like Terri Thal interesting. Why such disdain for the USA, its symbol, and a patriotic expression towards the flag? Is she still hanging on to some 1960s youthful angst? Has some government bureaucracy wronged her in some way so that she now hates all things American? Or is it, as I would suspect, a typical leftist “its cool to hate the establishment” mindset. This is not a person who is simply sitting out the Pledge, or flying the flag upside down, but someone who wants to force her opinion on everyone else. If Ms. Thal finds patriotic expressions hokey and has such disdain for the country then she shouldn’t hold public office. We need people in public office who respect diversity, can work well with others, and have a sense of patriotism.

She woke the sleeping dog and by her obvious backtracking I suspect she now realizes this. I would advise the following to the citizens of New City. Ms. Thal didn’t develop leftist, fascist views overnight. I would imagine that this is typical behavior. Once the Pledge is reinstated at meetings the next step should be to start looking at at least the last 12 months of board of trustee minutes. It would also be interesting to find out how the library decides which book titles to purchase and what kind of role, if any, Ms. Thal has in that. I am sure someone who decrees that a pledge will not be said at her meeting would definitely have opinions on which books will be allowed in her library as well. I think the board of trustees in a library would be an excellent place for Tea Party conservatives to start.

Paul Stolz
Stony Point

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