New Stony Point Firehouse Opens



The new Wayne Hose Company “sub-station” or Firehouse #2 on the corner of Rt. 210 and Central Highway in Stony Point has opened and volunteers are excited. After years of discussion and saving money away, construction started December 2010 and just finished up this past weekend.

Fire Commissioner Chairman Bruce MacRae said, “It’s a wonderful day. A new substation was one of my goals going in 10 years. It’s the biggest project we’ve had in a long time.”

MacRae said the previous substation, which was built on top of an old gas station, wasn’t big enough. Now there is room for five trucks at the substation while three are housed at the main station on North Liberty Dr.

Stony Point Fire Chief Joe Robinson said, “We’re excited. It’s a modern work. It’s planned for the future and there is room to grow.”

MacRae said treasurer George Mulligan took good care of the company’s finances so taxpayers would not have to be hit with a tax increase to finance the project. He also said he was pleased that Stony Point contracting company Helmer-Cronin got the lowest bid.

The capital cost of the project was approximately $3.5 million. With the new house ready to go, the fire company has stopped renting space from LJ Kennedy Trucking.


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