Miele’s Musings — Bring Back Our Country In November!


This year’s presidential election could bring back America as we once knew it, if the Republicans nominate the right candidate, and if the voters pay attention. If you read this column regularly, you know that if you vote for Obama again, you are voting for a mixed-up socialist government. But what many Republicans don’t seem to understand is that voting for Mitt Romney will be almost as bad.

Romney is a liberal in Republican clothing. As governor of Massachusetts, he did a deal with then-Senator Ted Kennedy to put state health care in place in Massachusetts, and called Kennedy “my collaborator and friend” (Sheryl Gay Stolberg, “Kennedy’s Influence Haunts Romney’s Career,” New York Times, March 25, 2012). If he wins as a Republican candidate, it will be more of the same. Kennedy’s supporters still have power in Washington, and they will have power over Romney.

Washington is in a mess because crooked politicians cover up for each other. I’ve always said that one day, this country will be destroyed from the inside, without the firing of one bullet. Socialists have infiltrated the Republican Party, and Mitt Romney is the proof.

Young people will be the victims of the new lies. All the campaigns are run like Hollywood productions, trying to prove which candidate makes the best star. Young people, don’t fall for it! Look out for the politicians’ lies. We in the older generation have lost America as we knew it. The young and new Americans don’t realize what they are losing.

I’m sure that many young Americans don’t even know what a socialist or communist government is. Get interested! Read books about the socialist and communist governments that came about after World War II. With the wrong president, that could be your future. Obama lived with socialists, communists, and terrorists.

Romney now tries to deny that he was ever pro-abortion, even though he supported state funding of abortions in Massachusetts. I always say, show me your friends, and I will know who you are. Mitt Romney took a lot of political support in Massachusetts from Ted Kennedy, a known liar; and only four years after his election, everyone has forgotten Obama’s ties to people like terrorist Bill Ayers.

Let me tell you also about my generation, the old people who are giving this country to the young. In my family, my father was drafted into World War I in Italy and fought on the side of the U.S. My four brothers and I were all drafted into the U.S. military during World War II and the Korean War. We worked hard and sacrificed, in fact many of our peers sacrificed their lives, so that our families and our children could be free Americans.

Don’t forget that President Obama lied when he said he was against wars. He got us into more wars after he was elected. Young voters, pick the fresh fruit, not the rotten. Your vote is your destiny. Before you go to vote remember you are voting for the president of the United States and not a rock star.

Think of your parents and grandparents. We want to leave this country, the greatest on earth, for you and your children. Make your vote count.

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