By Elisa Taylor

Jospeh Shields, Manager 7-11 Pearl River, Right-Michael Mavclone, Pearl River NY

Hitting the record breaking Mega Jackpot wasn’t to be for many hopeful Rockland County and New York State residents, but for those who participated it was a brief moment to reflect on hopes and dreams the winnings would help them see to fruition.  The lightning strike odds of winning took nothing away from the enthusiasm felt by all as they stood on line to purchase their tickets at the Pearl River 7-11.

Manager Joseph Shields was happy to staff-up to accommodate the crowds and stated how happy he was that a local resident had recently won over a quarter million dollars at his store just a few weeks ago from a second place Mega winner. Patron and Pearl l River resident Michael Mavclone purchased his tickets and shared his dream of winning stating “I would spend time Scuba Diving in the Caribbean”

In addition to the buzz on the streets many residents shared their dreams of winning on Facebook.



Suzanne Simonetti New City: “”My husband and I would sell our family business and be sure to secure ourselves, as well as our extended family members, for life. We would assume full-time work in volunteer organizations and donate the rest of the money- no one needs that much cash. How much would it take to cure world hunger? I’d give it a shot.”

Joseph Cancel New York:  “My dollar and a dream is: I would help the poor people and donate monies to the St. Jude hospital for cancer research to help the poor kids with cancer!!! And travel the world!!! ; ) ”

Sue Hlawatsch Pearl River: “I would pay off debts of mine and my families. Donate more to the charities I’m involved with!”

Joanne Goodfellow McElligott:  “I would donate to animal shelters across the country. I’m a huge animal advocate and my heart breaks that there isn’t enough done to help them.”

The lottery was to be shared by 3 lucky winners in Illinois, Kansas and one from Maryland who also purchased their quick pick ticket at a local 7-11. Americans spent nearly $1.5 billion for a chance to hit the jackpot, which amounts to a $656 million lump sum and around $472 million after federal tax withholding. For now we will continue to work hard to secure the American Dream but it’s always nice to know it could be a jackpot away!

Note–  One Rocklander hit a small jackpot in a recent Mega Millions drawing. Jamie Burton of S Nyack won $250,000 on the drawing of March 16. Burton’s winning ticket was purchased at the David’s Money Centers at 294 Main St in Nyack.


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