Lauren Shields Encourages New Americans to Donate Organs


Lauren Shields is an organ donor recipient. She received a new heart, and now at age 9 she is an advocate for people to become organ donors.

Last Friday she took the microphone at the naturalization ceremony to tell her story to 75 new Americans at the Rockland County Courthouse in New City.

She spoke clearly and simply. Standing up on a box to reach the microphone, she has become task force of one. When Lauren speaks, people respond. The New York State Organ Donor Network added several new names to its list of donors.

She not only spoke at the naturalization service Friday, but traveled with Rockland County Clerk Paul Piperato to Dutchess County where she addressed the new citizens there.

She speaks every two months at Rockand naturalization ceremonies and will be a speaker at the State Convention of County Clerks at the Pearl River Hilton June 4 thru June 6. Piperato, recently elected as president of the state association, says that about three quarters of the 62 counties in the state should be represented at the meetings.

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