Press Release from Assemblywoman Nancy Calhoun

“Anyone with an auto insurance bill can see constant and recurring increases in their premiums largely due to escalating fraud by criminals,” says Assemblywoman Nancy Calhoun. This week Calhoun (R,C,I-Blooming Grove) announced that Assembly bills which she co-sponsors (A.9644, A.9645 and A.9646) will help to create fairer and more moderate auto insurance rates, justly compensate for accidents and provide equity for minor accidents.

“These bills will help bring justice to the system, ensuring more equitable premiums for all New Yorkers,” Calhoun said. As a longtime member of the Assembly Insurance Committee, Calhoun notes that of late, more and more false claims are being included with legitimate medical claims. These “medical mills” do not perform any real treatments, but in fact raise the insurance costs. “Although these fraudulent medical bills are eventually investigated, the claims, in most cases, have already been paid, leaving the rest of us to foot the bill,” she said.

Calhoun explained that A.9644 provides for the use of treatment guidelines in the no-fault system and prohibits insurers from paying any charge which exceeds the applicable fee schedule. A.9645 will create fair settlement practices under the Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance Reparation Act, and requires mandatory arbitration of no-fault disputes. Finally, A.9646 requires a medical provider to present actual proof that the services being billed are medically necessary, with substantiating back up provided.

If you would like more information on this topic or have any other questions for the Assemblywoman, please call her at 845-567-3141 or e-mail her at

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