Why should we protect the US Constitution?

Here is why; every statesmen or soldier being sworn-in recite the Oath of Office, which affirms that they will; …”preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic…”

For those of us who never gave it a moment’s second thought because we assumed the line referring to ‘domestic’ must have meant in the case of spies, saboteurs and terrorists, you were misled to think it means that.

Permit me to demonstrate for you why it doesn’t. That line embodies one of the most important civics lessons that directly affect you, your family and your freedom more than anything else you may have imagined.

The words of the oath are directed to the audience listening to the Oath Taker. It means that if the public servant intentionally betrays their oath to defend the ideals within the US Constitution from all enemies, they become the domestic enemy.

We have laws on the books that deal with criminality, spies, saboteurs and terrorist. The Oath Taker is affirming they will protect us from those in government who would collude against us. Domestic enemies are those in public office who would use their position to betray the public trust.

The oath is to us, the American people who hired them, that they will protect the freedoms enshrined in that inspired document, from anyone who would betray us, from within our government. Let that sink in a moment. It is not an oath to defend the Bill of Rights from any government passing laws that would dilute it.

Understand the mindset of the framers who put their lives, their honor and wealth on the line to craft a document intended to protect free people from the dangers inherent to political power. The Constitution’s purpose is to limit that power and calls upon public servants to swear before the witness of men and God to recite the oath protecting us from them.

A public servant is empowered by law to take away our freedom through detention and arrest or seize our wealth and property by taxation. They can pass legislation that takes over entire industries or impose regulations that can hobble small businesses.

When the power hungry cede more power or enrich themselves by channeling public money through a shell game of paper companies, insider trading, donors or other clever machinations; they become by these violations, a domestic enemy. If they insidiously undermine or circumvent the principles within the US Constitution, they betray our trust and violated their oath.

Military recruits take an oath to obey the ‘lawful’ orders of their leaders. It is our duty to understand the difference between what is lawful and unlawful. It becomes our responsibility as an American to enforce the oath through lawful disobedience.

If the president of the United States is caught whispering to the President of Russia words to the effect that he will disarm the US and put us at a tactical disadvantage in return for personal political gain, it can be argued he violated his oath. If the Supreme Court rules that a law that enables the government with powers denied it by the Constitution as illegal; it can be said the lawmakers violated their oath.

If the CIA uses our tax paid technology to spy on us by political directive, they violated their charter. If the executive branch tries to take over banks and major industries in a power grab; they violate their oath.

Any political office holder or public servant, be they military, law enforcement or judge who swears to Almighty God that oath, is honor-bound to obey it, and any who violate it, approach the equivalent of Benedict Arnold because they move us into the direction of tyranny. Oath Keepers are constitutionally empowered and honor bound to remove them.

Think about it.

Anthony Mele is a TEA Party activist and was the 2010 GOP candidate for Congressional District-17. He is a former intelligence staff NCO for high ranking national security officials at the Pentagon.

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