236 Independence Days Later

BY ANTHONY MELÉ Imagine 236 Independence days ago the inhabitants of Rockland County in 1776 heard the news the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. Loyalist to King George knew this was a crime of such magnitude it meant an instant death sentence to all involved. The men we call founding fathers and the […]

Repub Rebels Launch Assault on Reda

Just two weeks after soldiers from the Ron Paul Army the world over demanded his resignation, some foes much closer to home decided to launch an assault on the leadership of longtime Rockland GOP Chairman Vincent Reda. At a Ramapo Republican committee meeting former Congressional and Ramapo Town Supervisor candidate (and sometimes Rockland County Times […]

Will the Tea Party Rescue the Republican Party Again?

BY ANTHONY MELE Any political analyst with a keen eye for observation and knowledge of history can plainly recognize it was the Tea Party phenomenon that rescued the Republican Party in the 2010 mid-term elections. The phenomenon described as “Tea Party” swept across America, as a great awakening of political enlightenment, which seeded the Republican […]


Why should we protect the US Constitution? Here is why; every statesmen or soldier being sworn-in recite the Oath of Office, which affirms that they will; …”preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic…” For those of us who never gave it a moment’s second thought because […]