Repub Rebels Launch Assault on Reda

Just two weeks after soldiers from the Ron Paul Army the world over demanded his resignation, some foes much closer to home decided to launch an assault on the leadership of longtime Rockland GOP Chairman Vincent Reda.

At a Ramapo Republican committee meeting former Congressional and Ramapo Town Supervisor candidate (and sometimes Rockland County Times opinion section columnist) Anthony Mele charged Reda with being less than loyal to Republican candidates in several instances over the past decade. He also made similar accusations against Ramapo Chairman Michael J. Dolan

Mele said Reda and Dolan ought to resign for such alleged infractions as:

– Not helping Joe Brennan properly file petitions when he tried to challenge Chris St. Lawrence for Ramapo Town Supervisor in 2005, leading to his failure to get on the ballot
– Not actively supporting Anthony Mele when he ran against St. Lawrence in 2007, and instead horse-trading for “bloc vote” support in another election
– Chairman Dolan supporting Democrat Carl Wright instead of Republican Marino Fontana in 2008 Sloatsburg mayoral election
– Dolan and Reda not supporting Republican Bob Romanowski in his 2009 campaign against St. Lawrence
– Reda appearing to support Alex Gromack instead of GOP candidate Ralph Sabatini in 2011 Clarkstown Supervisor race
– Helping Bronx County Republican Chairman Jay Savino get a “patronage job” in the Town of Clarsktown

Dolan responded to Mele’s confrontation by threatening to call police, Mele claimed.

In 2012 GOP committee seats are up for election and Mele and others are trying to encourage new blood to get into those committee seats and have a say in the inner-workings of the party.

2 Responses to "Repub Rebels Launch Assault on Reda"

  1. Joe Shedlawski   May 18, 2012 at 10:44 pm

    While I normally like to play by the rules and esttablished protocols, as Irene’s comments suggest that we all try to do…In this case, I see that there is a certain urgency, that deafening silence as someone called it which represents a sort of calm before the storm, setting the stage for revolt. There is a group who are acting outside of the establishment, urging concerned citizens to take more dramatic measures in order to achieve more dramatic results. Are we more interested in process, or in results? The charges Tony made deserve to be addressed. Obviously the town committee meeting is not the forum through which to achieve this; therefore, we had better remain open minded to alternative methods.

  2. Barry Silverman   May 21, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    Irene – I am very very disappointed. 2 1/2 years ago you were one of the loudest voices in Rally For America that said we had to change the direction of the country and the COUNTY. Agreed that if we were going to actually accomplish change we HAD to become Committeepersons to bring honesty to the county, get rid to the backroom shenanigans’and actually get real leadership.

    This is leadership? Go look at the ‘official’ financial reporting for the Rockland County Republican party, for 2011, to see that it spent more money on ‘American Express’ then it did in supporting ANY actual Republican Candidate in the county, sent over $25,000 to state party instead of supporting local candidates; the largest individual contributor was a Democrat etc.

    Sorry, but it is time for CHANGE! and I’m sorry you have given up on THE BLUE PRINT FOR CHANGE which YOU were instrumental in creating.

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