Check Out the 38th Annual Clarkstown Senior Citizen Show

The 38th Clarkstown Senior Citizen Show will be held at Clarkstown High School South on May 5 at 8 p.m. This year’s show written and directed by John Maloney promises to be a nostalgic trip.

The show “Lost on Re-Run Island” is about four people on a boat ride that ends in a crash on a strange island ruled by King Wasabi where the “past is the present.” All the natives on Re-Run Island spend their time listening to old radio shows, Academy Award songs, hit parade songs, and watching past TV shows, silent movies, and much more. They love to watch commercials too, the older the better.

The crewmen who crashed on the island become part of all the re-runs because the king sprinkled them with magic petals. Chris Bankey is the musical director and Rob Robin is the choreographer, assisted by Janice Terpak.

Debbie Mercurio who can take a few pieces of cloth and turn then into a costume for Tonto or Shirley Temple created the spectacular costumes.

There are scenes from the Ed Sullivan Show, Hogan’s Heros, and the Golden Girls. There are two “What If?” segments. What would have happened if Eve in the garden tried to reach a 911 operator for help and what if Goldilocks in the bears’ house tried to reach an operator.

It promises to be a fun night with singing, dancing, jokes, and memorable scenes.

Admission is by donation.

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