Miele’s Musing — REAL PARENTHOOD

Miele’s Musing by Publisher Emeritus Armand Miele

When I first heard of the organization Planned Parenthood, I thought, what a wonderful idea. I thought Planned Parenthood would be a center for counseling young married couples about childbearing and child-rearing, with all the responsibilities that come with it. Boy was I taken, and many others along with me.

“Planned Parenthood” is a wonderful title for a moneymaking organization that interferes with parents’ instilling morality in their children. I ask you to take the time to find out what they’re all about, and don’t be thick-headed! Planned Parenthood pays no taxes, as a supposedly non-profit organization. Yet the organization owns valuable real property, and their top administrators take home huge salaries, totaling in the millions in New York State alone.

I don’t believe in abortions, maybe in part because I’m a man. But I don’t think I’m wrong when I say that any woman who has an abortion lives with it the rest of her life. A minor, especially if she was discouraged from sharing her trouble with her parents, lives with it longer.

Planned Parenthood and other nuts are teaching our children free living, without explaining to them what troubles lie ahead. This is not helpful, it’s destructive. Wake up, America! Organizations offering abortions, liberal educators, and the media, profiting by feeding hedonistic morality to children, are only thinking of themselves. They are taking advantage of your children!

Freedom, that’s what the media calls it. Openly sexual movies, the ear-splitting and profane racket they call music. Experts, including teachers, advise young people to rebel against old-fashioned morality. Then there are the followers and “wannabes” who are just fooling themselves, the young female celebrities wearing less and less clothes, but more eye-makeup and lipstick, and the young male celebrities wearing their pants almost low enough to expose themselves.

Our children follow these mindless leaders. Young people are taught that their right to “individual expression” means they don’t have to worry whether they are offending older people, or families who want to shelter younger children. The First Amendment justifies the for-profit sale of all of this freedom (freedom from morality, freedom from decency!).

But you are a parent. It is your job to not buy into this destruction of your family. It is your job to turn your children away from the money-hungry media moguls trying to undermine your family values.

The trouble all comes under the umbrella of political correctness. Children are encouraged to exercise their rights, and parents are discouraged from taking responsibility for their families, except the responsibility of financial support. This makes no sense.

Politicians around the country support Planned Parenthood and political correctness. I guess they don’t care what morals they leave behind for families, they just want to be re-elected by dedicated anti-family voting factions.

All politicians must realize our country is facing an era of moral decline. The fibers of decency are decaying. Every politician who puts political correctness before family values should take the blame for the unkempt, disrespectful, drug-filled children roaming the streets, and for the young, homeless, single parents.

Then there are the non-government agencies trying to help for all the wrong reasons: for the sake of “freedom,” or worse, for the sake of keeping a program going and keeping a job. A girl gets pregnant, and she is automatically on the taxpayers’ payroll for everything. Boys and girls, thinking they are in love, run away and become homeless. Why don’t these agencies work on putting families back together, as they should, instead of collecting handouts for these incapable young people?

Real help for young people in trouble can only come from real, loving parents. There are some who are parents only by blood, who never really take responsibility for their children. But I don’t believe that’s the case for most young people who get into trouble.

I believe that most of the time, children are afraid of disappointing parents who believed in them. I tell all children in trouble, go to your parents, no matter how bad you think things are. Your parents will be upset. But they, and they alone, will do more for you than anyone else.

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